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To set in motion

 connection to an external power source to impart fresh or renewed energy

About Jump Start
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Jump Start Training & Development sets things in motion by sparking personal, group, and organizational learning through high-powered workshops, retreats, speaking engagements, and coaching activities.

Jump Start is led by Shannon Stober, a nationally recognized trainer, facilitator, and coach, who engages hundreds of individuals from around the country each year. Shannon believes that all of us is better than one of us, and what we do and how we do it are of equal importance.

She grounds these beliefs in her work using experiential learning and facilitative leadership. The result is a learning environment rooted in curiosity and dialogue, driven by real-world experiences and applications, where participants can draw on upon existing knowledge and skills to create a greater outcome, together.


Shannon began training as a facilitator in 2002 while serving in AmeriCorps. The art form was well suited to her nature and she began seeking opportunities to gain experience and develop her skill-set as often as possible. Shannon was first invited to deliver her services as a paid contractor in 2006 and spent the following decade providing senior program leadership by day and side-hustling as a trainer and facilitator by night. In 2015 she realized that the side-hustle was becoming the main hustle and made the decision to strike out on her own. Her business was initially known as Verve Exchange Consulting and rebranded as Jump Start Training & Development in 2021.

The Name

The world’s an engine, and Jump Start is the external power source, here to ignite potential by infusing energy into individuals, organizations, and communities. Like a surge of electricity, Jump Start stirs enthusiasm and revives passion by providing the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to propel you forward, sparking transformation and fueling success.

The Triangle

Triangles signify balance, harmony, and equilibrium. In Jump Start’s case, the triangle specifically represents the three dimensions of facilitation; relationships, process, and outcomes. This was one of the first models introduced to Shannon early in her career, a framework that continues to ground her practice today.

The Color Palette

Warm colors create active responses in our brain, bringing about feelings of passion and excitement. The warm colors in the Jump Start logo represent Shannon’s high-energy, animated presence, boisterous voice, colorful language, and charismatic nature. As is frequently stated in participant evaluations of her work, “Shannon is a total rock star.”

About Shannon



Trainer, Facilitator, Coach

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With a background grounded in public service, programming, and leadership, Shannon brings two decades of experience in delivering high-impact training, group facilitation, and organizational development. Her efforts with Jump Start have earned her several accolades, including being named as one of Bozeman’s Top 20 Under 40, an award reserved for southwest Montana’s top young business professionals.


An alumna of Fort Lewis College, Shannon earned Cum Laude Honors while studying Communication, Psychology, Sociology, and Gender Issues, as well as completing graduate level courses in Organizational Theory and Leadership and Strategic Planning. She has also received Executive Certification in Entrepreneurial Leadership for the Social Sector and a Certificate in Youth Entrepreneurship Education, both from Babson College.


Prior to launching Jump Start, Shannon completed two terms of service as an AmeriCorps *VISTA and went on to serve as the Statewide Training Officer for the Montana Governor’s Office of Community Service. From there, she served as a Program Manager for Montana Campus Compact and invested eight years working with Montana Conservation Corps, earning the title of Director of Programs.

Professional Learning

The Community Building Institute • The National Conference on Volunteerism and Service • The Wilderness Risk Management Conference • The Montana Nonprofit Association Annual Conference • The Governor’s Conference on Civic Engagement.


Youth Mental Health First-Aid provider • Prevention Specialist • Associate Academic Life Coach • Work Safe Champion with Montana State Fund • Executive Certificate in Entrepreneurial Leadership for the Social Sector from Babson College • Certificate in Youth Entrepreneurship Education from Babson College


The Society of Human Resource Management • The Montana Nonprofit Association • America’s Service Commissions

Professional Awards

2014 AmeriCorps Alumni Local Leadership Award • 2019 Bozeman, Montana’s Top 20 Under 40

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